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Why Choose a Conservatory for your Home?

Posted on by Homestyle UK

Conservatories were founded in the early 16th century with wealthy land owners wishing to cultivate tropical plants in cold climates in Victorian Europe. However, the golden age for conservatories was during the 19th century in England, where the English love for gardening resulted in new technological innovations in glass and heating techniques. This led to many magnificent structures that were built in this era, with them becoming a popular place to hold picnics and tea parties.

Conservatories lost prominence in the modern era, with living spaces becoming a premium. However, it is back in vogue with a vengeance, as the benefits of conservatories outweigh spatial issues. The architecture varies and it ranges from typical Victorian to modern geodesic styles. With modern technology, it is possible to build beautiful conservatories, which are highly durable and can last for a very long time. Some of the benefits of building a conservatory include:

Increased Space: A conservatory is a quick and attractive way to extend living space in a house. A family will grow over time and will require more space as a result so a conservatory is a great way to increase the overall space and can be a refreshing office or stylish play area for the children.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Building a conservatory which complements the house design will definitely make any home, small or large, more beautiful and invoke envy in friends and neighbours. Such enhanced aesthetics, can make your house a home and create a property that you are proud to show off to all who visit.

Increased Value: There may come a time when you may feel like settling in a new place. An aesthetically pleasing conservatory will only increase the property value, not decrease it. A house with a conservatory is sure to fetch a larger price than one without it.

When opting to construct a conservatory, it is important to select professional and expert contractors so that a beautiful conservatory can be built and a sense of peace and tranquillity created. This is exactly what we at Homestyle UK are able to achieve, so get in touch today to find out what we can do for you!

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