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3 Simple and Effective Ways to Update Your Conservatory

Posted on by Homestyle UK

Adding a conservatory to your house has become an increasingly popular expense for Britain’s over the past couple of decades. On a warm summers day it can be nice to sit in a conservatory and enjoy looking out over your garden while being protecting from harmful UV rays, but what happens when your conservatory starts getting old and in need a of a revamp. In our latest blog Homestyle UK Windows takes a look at what you can do to keep your conservatory looking fresh and new.


Changing the doors on your conservatory could have some real practical implications on how you use your room. By adding a sliding door into or out of the conservatory you can really open up the room and make your conservatory look more welcoming while also allowing you to utilise all the available space. If your conservatory is looking a little tired and used then putting in new doors will instantly lift the appearance and will help make it look brand new again.


As well as changing the doors to give your conservatory a lift the same could be said for new windows – with a variety of styles and colours to choose from adding new windows can change the entire appearance of your room. During the summer months conservatories can become very warm; by adding new windows you can tailor the ventilation in order to keep your room at a suitable temperature.


Having dirt over your conservatory or broken bits of guttering falling off can make it look very untidy and unappealing. One easy way of keeping your conservatory clean is to make sure that you regularly clear the guttering. Dirt and debris often built up in here and when it rains the dirt can be carried all over your conservatory so clearing it out often will mean less chance of it spreading and making your conservatory look untidy. If your guttering is broken it is important to get it replaced to help control the flow of rainwater from your roof.

If you feel that your conservatory could do with a little bit of a re-vamp for those warm summer months then give us a call today on 01473 614444 and see how we can help you.

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